Off To Holland

Our long awaited Home Exchange has at last begun in earnest. This trip is special as we were fortunate to be able to enjoy some time with our Dutch exchangers Jan & Anneke. A great couple that we exchanged homes with 5 years ago. Adventurous, smart, fun, generous, let’s face it the Dutch are cool.




Some gadget time with Jan

Over the years quite a few folks have expressed an interest in Home Exchanging but admit to a slight apprehension. All I can tell you is that there seems to be a little Zen in it. The nicer everyone is to each other, the better it works.

For those of you who have never ventured into Home Exchange before, exploring is the key. As lovely as Jan & Anneke’s home is, we didn’t come all this way to sit around the living room. Holland is a fascinating country with Amsterdam, de Hague, Harrlem and hundreds of picturesque towns. Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Bruges, are all in relatively easy striking distance by car or train. And with fairly inexpensive short European flights, the net gets even wider.

That been said, we are going to spend the first bit exploring Friesland when the sun is still low in the sky and spring is just now waking up slowly.

Canal side homes in Sneek, NL

Canal side homes in Sneek, NL

4 thoughts on “Off To Holland

  1. plusfindyourdreams

    Wonderful, Bruce.  I pulled up Google Earth and checked out Friesland to Amsterdam,   Paris, , Sneek, Copenhagen,  and how Cool, you are right in the middle of a lot of places.  Enjoy.


  2. jeanette

    How wonderful! We spent one fun morning in Amsterdam on the way home from Greece, years ago now, have wanted to go back ever since. Lovin’ Wendi’s boots 🙂

  3. Marc Jordense

    Enjoy! Great to be able to follow your trip and to see you are enjoying yourselves. And I really like the black and white pics of my inlaws! And so true what you are saying about home exchange: it is great, you meet great people and you make friends for life!

  4. Susie

    You’re already there! Isn’t air travel great–just wiggle your nose and there you are. I’ve been to the Amsterdam airport many times but never been to Amsterdam, so you two are inspiring us. We will follow your trip and know we are soooo envious! Have a blast! Suz


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