Beach Music v.3

Encinitas, Leucadia & Solana Beach

We’re spending most of our time hanging out in North County. Amid the big hotels, super spendy condos and gigantic beach houses there is still a little funk.

Solana Beach Sign

This sign has been here for over 30 years.

Liquor Sign

State of the Art in the 60s.

Grease Lasts Forever.

Encinitas Street Sign.

The Daley Double Saloon

The Daley Double Saloon

Sure it looks a little scary, but they have very cold Negra Modello on draft. That can’t be bad

No Bare Feet!

"No Bare Feet"

The La Paloma is a great little movie theatre from the 20’s. There is a reference to the name “La Paloma” is one of America’s most important classic movies. Does anyone know what that is?

The La Polama

The La Polama

Sunshine & Palm Trees

Sunshine & Palm Trees

I have to admit that time away from the rain has been great. I have finally managed to get the the moss off my north side.

2 thoughts on “Beach Music v.3

  1. Beth and Mike

    OK you guys, we really want to vacation with you. You find the most fascinating things that most of us would overlook. We love these charming examples of Americana!! Awesome photos!


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