Beach Music v.8

Travel Buddies

Yes, we are. We’ve been hitting the road together for a long time now. Things have changed  over time. Between Wendi, Emma and myself, we seem to have reached a phase in our lives where the pace of the trip is dictated by the availability of rest areas. On the positive side, if there is one, it’s probably nature’s way of saying “slow down and stop jiggling“. Even with all the rest stops I can’t imagine traveling without them.

Wendi on the tram to the Getty

Wendi on the tram to the Getty

Road Dog

Road Dog

Wendi at the Getty

Cha, Cha, Cha

Emma in De Mar

Emma strolls the beach in De Mar.

Wendi at Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Beach Dance

Beach Hokey Pokey

Wendi & the Bellers in Del Mar

Wendi & the Bellers in Del Mar

Wendi & Emma in La Jolla

Wendi & Emma head home.

4 thoughts on “Beach Music v.8

  1. Mike Gouin

    Hi Bruce, Wendi & Emma!
    Looks like you had another fabulous trip and thanks for all the updates and incredible pics! I can’t wait to see you back in Ilwaco this year…
    Mike & the kids!

  2. Una

    What great photos of Wendi and Emma! ‘Road Dog’ is the most wonderful shot! Emma looks as if she has been packed & waiting for you two for hours. Una

  3. Leslie brophy

    The only thing missing is a shot of the three of you together….. Wendi and Emma you girls look relaxed refreshed and wonderful

  4. Karen Booker

    I love these pictures. Emma’s eyes look old but the rest of her looks sprightly and well-loved. Wendi looks fabulous as usual. Looks like you had a nice break from winter and a fun trip.


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