It’s Picture Time

We don’t just look at photos. Sometimes we even get our picture taken. Our good friend and most excellent photographer Bart Nagel asked us to pose for one of his “A/Symmetrical” portraits. Check out what Bart’s up to at:

"Bart Nagel"

"Bart Nagel" - 2011

Wendi has her portrait done.

Wendi in the studio.

Bruce in the studio.

My turn.

 We’ll show you our pictures when their done.

3 thoughts on “It’s Picture Time

  1. Marie

    Hi B&W,
    Greetings from summer in NZ. I love the Bart Nagel photos. From where do you know him? Or are you recent acquaintances? Bruce… the photo on the left, you look EXACTLY like your brother. I’m now convinced that you two are really identical twins, and you’ve just been fooling the rest of us.
    I do think the 3 photos in a row…..each with a subtle expression difference is great stuff.
    I’m still printmaking here. Have a show opening in Russell, NZ first week of March. Will you two be at the opening? 🙂
    Randy in hospital ER today…….no worries……all turned out well with the heart issue scare. But, good news: no $ charge for anything! Love NZ. AND, he sprained his hand on a recent hike (feel down), and the X-ray and all meds are free. AND……….should he need rehabilitation for his job (heaven forbid) it’s all free too. Perhaps he should re-train for another vocation? Mmmmmmmm.
    So far, all is well in NZ. Come visit……we have an extra room. AND, unlike the Northern Hemisphere, it’s really SUMMER here.
    Hugs, Marie


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