Run Forrest Run

Bikers in Solana Beach, Ca

I’m pretty sure that I’m in the heart of the exercise universe.

Southern California is a place where everyone seems to be moving. Constantly. They’re running, jogging and marathon training, both with and without baby carriers. They’re biking, road, mountain, unicycle, tandem, recumbent, and cruisers, all with and without baby carriers. Walking, speed and regular, again with and without baby carriers. Trail hiking. Surfing, parasurfing, windsurfing, body surfing and boogie boarding. Skateboarding and skating, both regular and inline. There are pilate studios, yoga studios, fitness studios, spinning studios, health clubs and gyms. Swimming, pool and ocean. Wind gliders and, of course, driving. Millions of them are driving. All the time. Now technically driving isn’t exercise, but with the aggressiveness and anxiety level applied to it here it will certainly burn off a few calories.

Biker in Solana Beach, Ca

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