Kindness Bus Tour 2012

The Hippies Are Back! And Not A Minute Too Soon!

I bumped into this “smile on wheels” today while in Encinitas.

The Kindness Bus Tour

The Kindness Bus Tour

Apparently Bob Votruba and his dog, Bogart, are dedicated to spreading one million random acts of kindness all over the nation. Ya gotta love it!

Check them out at

3 thoughts on “Kindness Bus Tour 2012

  1. James

    Bruce this is great photography. Ok, the story is a good starting point. After reading the introduction to the web site, something’s come to mind. Yes this world is cruel. But as Americans, what are we doing to compete in this Global Economy. Are we going to teach our kids to compete or are we going to feel sorry for them that it isn’t as fair for them now, as it were when I was in the work force. The one thing I feel American are falling behind in is the ability to change. We seem to have a shortage of professionals, but yet we fill the needs with imports from other countries. (Y’all should check out your local Doctor directory.) This reminds me when my kid was playing sports and some of the mother thought it was unfair to keep score and pushed hard to make that happen, based on the fact that it could ruin the kid in the long run. The last time I check, most of us are keeping score, it’s called making a living and surviving.

  2. Gayle

    Competition and kindness aren’t mutually exclusive. Mean people suck, period. I LOVE the bus and what it represents. Great photos, Bruce.

  3. Jim Lockwood

    Fabulous photos. I liked the bus too. The landscaping and architecture are so much more community minded and enviornmentally concerned than what we have here in the US. Wish I was there with you. Give Wendi hug for me. Jim 🙂


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