The Wendi Files

The Wendi Files:

I’ve been kicking around with Wendi for quite awhile now. When I was editing pictures the other day I realized that over the years, picture-by-picture, image-by-image, slowly but inevitably, I’ve turned into the chronicler of all things Wendi. While perusing the files it quickly became apparent the she has totally encompassed my entire interest and attention. I’m sort of a photographic stalker. People in Holland must be thinking, “Who’s that woman with the photographer following her around.” Shades of Gloria Swanson.

And the thing is she’s just not that gosh darned interesting. Don’t take me wrong she has her moments. That time with the bottle washer noises in the Sultan’s Palace. Or when she got drunk on that God Awful green stuff in Bruges. Sure they were great times, but to return home each day with fifty frames of the same person. I don’t think it’s natural. What do you think?



Adult Education:

She’s a sponge with Attention Deficit Disorder. Her thirst for mental input is unquenchable. Between taking pictures, sorting pictures, uploading pictures, checking on Facebook, checking email, QR Coding, “GPS”ing, Trip Advisoring and Googling everything in the world it’s nonstop.  the Iphone is her most perfect accessory. It keeps that hot wire to the brain firmly in place.

The Crazy Hour:

Just like a cat she’s got a Crazy Hour. It’s sometimes a little longer, but the symptoms are always the same. Elevated metabolism, heightened awareness, peculiar facial expressions and extremely wacky behavior complete with physical pratfalls. Like a Labrador Retriever, run, run, run, sleep, run, run, run, sleep.

Hey, Look This Way:

Sure I point out all these characteristics, but I’m the enabler. I’m the guy running around saying, “Stand over here”, “Look this way”, “Say Gouda”. Perhaps I’m the one with ADD and she just tolerates me.



4 thoughts on “The Wendi Files

  1. Judy

    Loved the pics—sounds just like the Wendi we knew and loved in college!!
    Pics brought back memories of our time in Germany!
    Tell Wendi long note coming soon.—-Judy

  2. Betsy

    It’s too bad she is so un-photogenic (wink, wink). Love seeing pics of Wendi makes me feel like we are there just a little bit. Miss you both!

  3. Leslie

    Your subject matter is, as always something we might see everyday, but captured
    through your lense, a glimpse into something you may not see… the real Wendi unique AND quite worthy of your obssession! To know her is to love her!

  4. jeanette

    A sponge with ADD made me laugh out loud – ha, so spot on, loved it 🙂
    It would be hard to pic a favorite but I do like the one of her checking her phone for some reason. You two make a perfect pair!


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