The Rule of Two

I have only been able to find two references to the Rule of Two. In one instance it is a bidding guideline for Bridge and the other is in Star Wars where the Rule of Two states that there would be only two Sith at one time, a Master and an Apprentice. In Dutch culture, however, I can find nothing particular or overly significant about the number 2. but signs of the Two are everywhere. Never three, rarely one and fours are only pairs of two. I mentioned this to a Dutch friend and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I showed them numerous examples and the clear evidence that it is an almost constant design and decorating principle, but they were completely surprised as if they had never noticed before. But with the evidence so prevalent how can that be?  Perhaps I’ve stumbled onto one of those secret code systems where people send messages to each other by moving objects in the window or leaving curtains half open.

Wendi says that I’m wrong. There is no conspiracy here they’re just neatniks, plain and simple. The only thing they are signaling from their front windows is “Look how tidy I am”.

11 thoughts on “The Rule of Two

  1. Mary Sterling

    While I find your explanation filled with fabulous imagination and much more intriguing than Wendi’s, I fear she is probably right. She usually is, isn’t she?

  2. Jan de Lange

    Bruce, you’re right, always two after the windows, before the windows. For me it is a form of balance. Is has to be perfect…but also predictable and boring. You won’t find it in our house
    Jan de Lange

  3. David

    2 for 2 excellent. I think it’s Dutch secret service. That’s why everyone says – “What conspiracy, there’s nothing, it’s your imagination. Quite cute though, don’t you think? Would you like a ham and cheese?”
    Happy BDays to you both. C & I have been enjoying the pics.
    We love to travel without unpacking.

  4. hengdou

    Well, most of the houses are just too narrow to have three windows. I know because I grew up on the Grootzand in Sneek (no 64). We were lucky; we had THREE windows. Love your blog!

  5. Mariette

    I had to smile twice reading this story! You are so dubbel funny!
    I cried twice looking around my house so boring with my two glass objects in the window.

    So know I take 2 glasses of wine to drink my dutch ( ab) normality away!
    Cheers Bruce.

    Haha! Mariette


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