Lovely Country Lanes or Death Defying Thoroughfares?

We’ve been to Turkey and thought that the driving was totally insane. The completely chaotic behavior of the drivers, the narrowness of the roads and the blaring horns left us rattled to the core. Then we came to Ireland and you know what? The Turks aren’t so bad.

Everyone on the left is double parked.

Everyone on the left and right is double parked.

Part of the problem is expectations. Every travel book we’ve read depicts SW Ireland as a land filled with lovely idyllic country roads and romantic windy lanes that fill the heart with joy and a longing for a simpler time when life moved slower and the whole world felt at peace. And it is.

The Beara Peninsula

The Beara Peninsula

What they neglected to inform us was that these 12’ wide roads can have speed limits as high as 80 kmh and are clogged with all manner of motor vehicles including SUVs, utility vans, cars dragging travel trailers, RVs, 35’ tour buses and 18 wheel freight trucks. And they’re used to it so you damn well better get out of the way. At a B&B in Kilkenny it was explained to us that the width of roads in Ireland was dictated by royal decree to be at least the width of two cows!

We were asked to get an insurance rider when we got here. Oh yea, I get it now. And did I mention they drive on the wrong side of the road.

5 thoughts on “Lovely Country Lanes or Death Defying Thoroughfares?

  1. Wayne

    That’s why we stuck with the buses in London and let a local
    friend drive on country roads, it’s scary.

  2. Carol Newman

    haha! Glad I won’t be driving when I’m there in autumn. Hoping to pick your brains before then. Thanks for great pics and stories.

  3. Madeline Dickerson

    Ha! Yes, my mom and I had many life flashing before our eyes, rather hit the limbs sticking out from the trees on the side of the road than the truck careening towards us. We returned our rental car with more than one little scrape…


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