Tossa de Mar


My good friend and spiritual advisor Big Dog Beller has been telling me for years to go to the Costa Brava and stay in Tossa de Mar. We finally made it and he was right, of all the coastal resort towns we have seen, it is the most charming. A little remote, not too crowded, nice shopping district, some quaint family run restaurants, two small beaches and a terrific walled old town. The place has kind of an old South Beach feel, but with history. We even stayed at the Hotel Florida.


The road winds northeast up the coast for about 30 km, hugging the shore and offering fabulous views of coves and inlets with the clearest water you have ever seen.

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CB17Tossa de Mar’s additional claim to fame is as the location of the 1951 hit movie “Pandora & the Flying Dutchman” starring Ava Gardner and James Mason. There are pictures all over town of Ava cavorting with the locals while Frank Sinatra, her husband at the time, maintains a somewhat jealous vigil on the activities. They have even erected a statue of her on the ramparts overlooking the town.


4 thoughts on “Tossa de Mar

  1. Harvey Beller

    When I was there with Ava in 1951, it wasn’t as crowded . That Ava was certainly a covorta !,

  2. Susie Goldsmith

    Hold tight for a day or two–we’ll be right there! I haven’t spent much time in Spain and then, only in the interior. Tossa de Mar looks perfect. I think we need to go…and we might have a bit more free time coming up soon… 🙂 Thanks for the little vacation. We need it. xox

  3. Sam and Nick

    Great having dinner with both of you in Tossa! Had many beeros afterwards and now back in Australia!

    1. Post author

      It was great meeting you guys. Glad you got home safe. We’ll have some beeros posted before too long.


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