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Viking Attitude

I’ve wandered through Scandinavia like a bit player in the Norse Sagas, those timeless myths filled with blood, battles and debauchery. Only my voyage consists of beer, buses and bargain basements. Maybe not as dangerous but just as exhausting. At this point in the trip I’m downright tuckered out. I have been trudging around after Wendi as she’s pillaged her way through Iceland, Norway and Sweden for weeks.  I’m always a couple steps slow and a few beats behind like a bass player that can’t catch up to the rest of the band. It seems she is always looking back at me with that “will you hurry up” look on her face.

Let's Go

Let’s Go

And hats! What’s with the hats? Every silly hat from Reykjavik to Stockholm has magically ended up on her head, coupled with a goofy grin. She doesn’t want to bring them home so, I suppose, that’s good.

Viking1Wendi-Stockholm2WhiteHatRaccoon RedHat PinkDaveyCrockett

Viking4 Viking3

Regardless of her proclivity for wacky chapeaus, Wendi’s enthusiasm is undeniable. She is clearly a woman on the move.


At the Opera House in Bergen, Norway


A stroll in Bergen


Shopping in Stockholm


On the way to the Moderna Museet in Stockholm


On a ferry in Vestlandet

On the fjord ferry.

On the fjord ferry.


With family in Stavanger, Norway


A walk in Bergen, Norway


Shopping in Reykjavik, Iceland

Armed with her Stockholm Card.

Armed with her Stockholm Card.

On the way to Fotografiska.

On the way to Fotografiska.

Subway station photo bomb.

Subway station photo bomb.

On the way.

On the way.

Hotorget Flea Market

Hotorget Flea Market

City Food Market.

City Food Market

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace


On the Flambana in Norway

She does have quiet moments of self reflection, albeit few and far between and usually after extensive shopping or while jet lagged.


DK Department Store – Stockholm


One of twenty H&M’s in Stockholm


Jet lagged at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


At the Moderna Museet in Stockholm

Wet Bottom.

Wet Bottom.

With Olav, Wendi's Viking Friend.

With Olav, Wendi’s Viking Friend.


On the ferry in Stockholm

She did take time for a little work.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

At Skudeneshavn, Norway

At Skudeneshavn, Norway

Haugesund, Norway

Haugesund, Norway

Rosendal, Norway

Rosendal, Norway

That’s all for now.

That's All Folks.

That’s All Folks.


See you soon.


5 thoughts on “The Wendi Files – Norse Sagas

  1. Jan de Lange

    Dear Friends,
    We enjoyed the beautiful pictures from Iceland and Scandinavia. We wish you good memories from Northern Europe and their typical houses, culture, landscapes.
    Your Anneke en Jan

  2. Dian Melius Zook

    I thoroughly enjoyed joining you and Wendi on this journey–you made me giggle, smile and ooh & ah over the breathtaking scenery, amazing architecture and of course the shopping. Thanks for taking me along. Hope to see you both when I’m in OR this fall. Dian

  3. Don

    I’m quite late, but an excellent pictorial Bruce. I must admit that my favorites, thus far are That’s all folks and See you soon…and with that, I’ll see you soon (sort of) for Auerbach and the boys. ;>)


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