Southwold Pier

Located in the coastal town of Southwold, this old school pier is a little like a step back to a more innocent time. Originally built in 1909 the pier has suffered many ups and down having been destroyed by storms in 1937, 1955 and again in 1979 reducing it to a length of 60 ft. After much renovation, today’s pier extends 620 ft into the North Sea.

Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier




English Sunbather or Crime Victim. You decide.


Bench Armrest

The Under The Pier Show

While many classic English seaside piers have been in decline the Southwold Pier is enjoying renewed popularity, partly due to the “The Under The Pier Show” which features a range of automata, machines and games designed by Tim Hunkin, an English engineer, cartoonist, writer, and artist living in Suffolk. They are about the most peculiar arcade games I’ve ever seen.


Storm the super yacht and get even with the super rich.


Sit in the chair and travel on holiday, moved by the magic carpet. After manic flight and coach ride, arrive in tropical paradise and get brief suntan from heatlamp.


Sit on the fly’s proboscis and experience a fly’s eye view of the world. Stop to eat for as long as you dare, but beware of the fly swat.


Place hand in dog’s cage and hold it there for as long as you dare. Dog pants, dribbles warm saliva and other disgusting things.


I’ll let you work out where the finger goes.


Sit with head half inside processing chamber and watch through mirrors while your scalp is removed and your brain is scrubbed clean. Made by Will Jackson.


Turn the dive lever and descend to the seabed. After witnessing many marvels, get swallowed by a giant fish which causes the craft to leak. Fortunately reverse thrusters are provided for escape.


Start training for your future today! Cross the motorway using the zimmer frame.


Hold stethoscope again chest and let the doctor diagnose your complaint and write out an illegible prescription.


Wendi’s favorite. Stand on the treadmill, hold the dog’s lead and go for a walk. Includes stops at several interesting sights.

Focusing time and space to bring you everything you could possibly want to see through a pier telescope.

Quantum Tunneling Telescope – Focusing time and space to bring you everything you could possibly want to see through a pier telescope.

Beach Huts

These bright colored Beach Huts are small wooden boxes just above the high tide mark. Many were former fishermen’s huts and boat sheds that are now used as shelter from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimming costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings most incorporate simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or an occasional generator.

Southwold Beach Huts

Southwold Beach Huts

You cannot live in these and the length of stays is closely monitored. They were originally offered for hire at £12 10s per year, now they can sell for £40,000 or more.

The Walk of Mirrors

mirror10 mirror9 mirror8 mirror7 mirror6 mirror4 mirror2 mirror1

4 thoughts on “Southwold Pier

  1. Lee

    I would never have expected the North Sea to be soooooo green! You guys look great, very svelte! And not just in those elongating mirrors either. Nice work.

  2. Karen Booker

    What fun! I would be playing pirate practice and the brainwash game. Have a great time you two. Love to travel vicariously with you.

  3. Pete

    Looks like a great area guys! Hope you both had a great time with Di and Mark and that the rest of your hols is equally as interesting. Pleased you caught the tail end of some fine summer weather too. Autumn is so unpredictable!
    Loved the pier games. Great idea!
    Hope to get to the States when I can catch up again. Stay well and have a fun time.
    Pete x


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